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Expect From Retirement

When the War Became A Reality

Contributed by Marian Alymer from our August Newsletter. Read our full newsletter now! I was 14 years old and living in an agricultural community of 10,000 mostly Germans in southern Minnesota as WWII raged. My parent’s friends owned a grocery store in the thriving...

“Woody” McAndrew

Written by Dave Dana  On July 2, Woody McAndrew will be 100 years old. A small-town veteran, Woody spent his working life in Ypsilanti, Michigan, outside Ann Arbor—named in honor of Demetrios Ypsilantis, a hero of Greek independence. No doubt a typical small-town...

Our Dr. Dwight Cook

By Les Besser Have you ever used the facilities at Scripps Clinic or Hospital in Encinitas? Our regions is lucky to have access to such high-level health care, and you may be surprised to find out that one of our residents, Dr. Dwight Cook, was one of the early...

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

By Michele Chaffee It was a morning filled with a large dose of camaraderie, an invigorating session of great exercise and a little bit of silliness and fun. That describes our first annual La Costa Glen/Glenbrook On Campus Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Approximately 175...

Guide Dogs for the Blind

After reading this paragraph, cover your eyes and imagine your life without any sense of sight. Imagine you’ve grown up without light or colors. You have no idea what anything in the world looks like. Then one day, you are introduced to a furry four-legged creature...

Wayne Strunk – Return to Korea

By: Pat Grant Moving to La Costa Glen from Ocean Hills in 2016, Wayne Strunk is a Californian, born and educated in Los Angeles, and a Korean War veteran. He has two children, two grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. He enjoys traveling and made a recent trip...

Chef Forum

By Pat Grant The F&B Department is scheduling one Chef Forum per month. The purpose of the Forum, according to Executive Chef Julian Bedolla and Executive Sous Chef Mark Cabulagan, is “to talk to the whole community in order to develop a resident-driven menu.”...

Pitching a Fit…I Mean, Tent

By JoAnn Mullen My husband gave me a choice of our summer vacation activity; running a marathon (which is like being caught in a pinball machine — bouncing against one obstacle after another while sweating profusely) or camping. He sat in his camo outfit and summoned...

High Flying Visitors

By Les Besser “Are owls really as wise as we think they are?” I asked the Raptor Institute lecturer at a recent LCG presentation about birds of prey. “Not at all,” replied the man. “A large portion of the owl’s head is taken up by their unusually large eyes—their...

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