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Resident’s Corner

A Ton of Turkey

By JoAnn Mullen I ran into LCG’s cook who was unusually cheerful after his shift was over on Thanksgiving Day. “You must be exhausted after all the cooking today,” I remarked. “I’ve lifted a ton of turkey from the ovens and mashed a thousand potatoes,” he replied. “How do you stay so goodnatured?” I asked…. Read More »

Fall Colors

By Dave Dana “The second week in October is the best!” my mother always said. Actually, beginning about two weeks earlier in Vermont and New Hampshire, the trees in New England begin to change. The days shorten, the temperatures cool, the sunlight softens, and October comes into bloom. The thick, green hillside covers of maple,… Read More »


By JoAnn Mullen The time of year when we stop not exercising outdoors and start not exercising indoors. A season for big decisions like whether or not it’s too late for spring cleaning. That time of year when if it got dark any earlier we wouldn’t have to get up at all. When we gain… Read More »

Kitchen News

By Sharon Wood Betty Crocker and Julia Child made everything for their meals from scratch, including homemade breads. They were fortunate enough to have gelatin available: plain gelatin with no flavors at all. Julia did not even have a microwave oven until nearly the end of her career. She was quoted as having said that… Read More »

Aqua Fit

Contributed By Susan Besser Want to increase strength, build endurance and increase flexibility, in a cool and relaxing atmosphere? Then come join Aqua Fit in the indoor pool. Because class is held in the indoor pool, no need to slather on sunscreen. Cathy plays popular music to keep us moving. If you find you have… Read More »

Our Drivers

If you have had to stop driving for any reason, not to worry. At La Costa Glen, the Transportation Department will take you shopping in buses and to see your doctors in comfortable cars five days a week 8-4pm. The Activities Department will squire you around campus in trams every day and evening and take… Read More »

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