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Resident’s Corner

From the Editor: Now it's Dad's turn! In this issue we are honoring fathers. Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

Wild Rides with Dad

By Carole Eibelheuser Dad worked very long hours six days a week in his grocery store. So, when we vacationed as a family, he became playful and full of adventure for us. During our summertime visits to Pennsylvania to see Mom’s family, Dad would find us a “Whoopee” road to ride on…no seat belts back… Read More »

Marine Corps to Nursing

By Les Besser Born and raised in Jackson, MS, Mario Preston, our Assistant Resident Services Director, came to California after joining the Marines in 1997. Although deployed several times to various foreign countries, including Iraq, his base had remained at Camp Pendleton. “I loved being a Marine, but eventually I wanted to stay close to… Read More »

Kathleen DeLeo: Associate Executive Director

By Pat Grant Kathleen DeLeo, our new Associate Executive Director, presents herself as a friendly, competent, outgoing person with a great smile and a good sense of humor—all useful qualities in the #2 person in management at La Costa Glen. Her areas of responsibility are being developed between Kathleen and Keith Kasin, our Executive Director,… Read More »

Mother’s Words

By JoAnn Mullen Our mothers may be long gone but their words live on. Just this morning I heard mine say, “Rise and shine! Time waits for no one.” Later she said, “You’re not going out in THAT, are you?” At breakfast she spoke sharply, “Your elbows don’t belong on the table!” and “Chew your… Read More »

The Shop Around the Corner

By Sharon Wood Very gifted and hard-working LCG’ers spend many hours fabricating useful and creative items in our Hobby Shop, located on the corner of Suncup Way and Silverleaf Circle. Beautiful hardwoods are the raw materials these talented woodworkers use constructing masterpieces. At the holidays they have their own assembly-line approach, fabricating small, beautiful trucks… Read More »

Technicolor Terrain

By JoAnn Mullen Green shoots struggle to break through the black soil’s surface in beauty too sudden for this time of year, the tipping point of spring, when all shades of green return in a lullaby of soft breeze. The garden will soon be abuzz with nature’s intensity after days of nourishing rain. Colors are… Read More »

My Heroic Mother

By Les Besser As a young boy growing up in Budapest during WWII, I didn’t realize the risks my mother was taking by helping Jews persecuted by the Fascists. Several of her previous employers were well-to-do Jews who had treated her kindly, so she wanted to protect them as much she could. In the early… Read More »

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