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Mistaken Identity

By Les Besser

We were seated for dinner one evening in the Avalon when our server introduced himself as Jesse and began to take orders. When he delivered our entrées, I said, “Jesse, I must compliment you for your outstanding job.”

“Thank you, Mr. Besser,” he replied while standing across the table. “But my name is Brian.”

“I am sorry,” I apologized. “I still have lots of trouble with names around here.”

When he brought the dessert list, he stood right next to me. I looked at his name tag, and to my surprise it clearly showed, Jesse.

“I am really confused, Jesse. Why did you tell me earlier that your name was Brian?”

Seeing my puzzled expression, he explained that another server, Brian, looks somewhat like him. To make it clearer, Jesse later brought Brian to our table.

Yes, they do share similar features; both young men are powerfully built, have black hair and big friendly smiles!

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