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Barbara Berrier: Helping Others

By Pat Grant

Barbara and Bill Berrier know this area well. They moved to La Costa Glen three years ago from three miles away in Olivenhain, where they lived for 30 years, following 20 years in Encinitas.

Barbara finds that “living here allows you to do a lot.” She is constantly meeting people in exercise classes—Yoga and Tai Chi—and she swims as well. Luckily, Barbara likes to dance and Bill goes along with it. Barbara also maintains a long tradition of two-mile hikes with the “Walking Ladies of Cardiff.”

Barbara and Bill met as high school sweethearts in rural Missouri, south of Kansas City. They have one son living in
Washington D.C. and another in San Jose. They have two grandchildren. Barbara notes that the Berriers have a very large extended family of European exchange students.

Barbara, with a teaching background, has volunteered for a number of years with the San Dieguito United Methodist Church (Encinitas), one of the area churches sponsoring refugee families. She is currently teaching English to four boys, placed here in high school and middle school. They speak no English. Three of the boys were born in a refugee camp in Uganda where the
family of seven has lived for the past 13 years.

It’s hard to imagine what these children have gone through and the challenges they face, particularly those high school age boys. “Refugees are the most vetted people in this country,” Barbara remarks.

Barbara Berrier is one who doesn’t let retirement stop her from doing her best to help others. These youngsters from the Congo benefit from her professional skills, good will, and dedication.

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