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Keith Kasin, Executive Director

Keith Kasin

Keith Kasin

By Pat Grant

Keith Kasin, our new Executive Director at La Costa Glen, is friendly, easy to talk to, and accessible, all qualities residents appreciate. He also knows what he is doing, having spent the last 19 l/2 years as Executive Director in charge of Plymouth Village, a residential community in Redlands, California.

As Keith admits, his biggest challenge is remembering names. He’s 20 years older than when he went to Plymouth Village, and LCG is larger. He not only has to get to know 800+ residents and 500 staff, he wants to remember our names. He says it’s like being a new resident himself.

For Keith, family comes first. He’s living on campus while his family stays in Redlands, where his younger daughter is a junior in high school. Although Keith confesses that he is a homebody, it was a family decision not to move until she graduates. He tries to make it home in time for dinner on Friday night.

Keith’s older daughter is working on a Ph.D. in Audiology and he is proud to say, was accepted at the nine best graduate schools in the country. His son is now in his third year at Cal State San Bernadino, majoring in cyber security and finance. Starting the day at 6:30, Keith walks from one end of the campus to the other. Although his day includes many meetings, he likes to visit the dining rooms and talk to residents. He’s interested in our model trains, and is an amateur radio operator. He runs and swims.

Keith’s philosophy of leadership is not management versus resident, not “they,” but “we,” working for common goals with the Resident Council. He wants to be called “Keith.”

Say hello to Keith when you see him. And wear your name tag!

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