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By JoAnn Mullen

My family asks every year what I want for Christmas. Since I’ve outgrown the need for material tributes, here’s what I really want:

  1. A sweater of self-esteem so that I can feel a warm, loving feeling about myself at all times.
  2. An anti-procrastination afghan so that I may do things on time without delays and worries.
  3. An adventure hat that, when I put it on, brings me a sense of excitement, anticipation and adventure.
  4. Rose-colored glasses to see the world in a positive light and see the best in others.
  5. A barrel of energy and fun to feel that playfulness and childlikeness with which to enjoy the world.
  6. A plate of humility to not let my ego run wild and get the best of me.
  7. A ton of love to spread around others, especially those who don’t have much in their lives.

I hope that we all find these presents under our trees. There would be no need to return or exchange any of these gifts and they needn’t be wrapped.

Have a great holiday season!

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