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AARP‘s Smart Driver Course

By JoAnn Mullen

Ask yourself: can you do anything better today than you did when you were 40 or 50? The answer to this query should encourage you to take the next Smart Driver Course being offered at LCG.

Life changes us physically and mentally. We take medications now that we didn’t before. These facts can impact our reaction time. Vehicles have also changed over the years, especially new technologies. We need instruction to make them work for us.

The Smart Driver Course addresses the above and teaches us to drive more safely and confidently. It also makes us more aware of our surroundings and how to master new cognitive challenges to compensate for our decreasing abilities.

Does your car fit you? Do other drivers honk at you? Do you drift into other traffic lanes? Do other vehicles “come out of nowhere”? Do you misjudge curbs? Have you had more near misses lately? If you answer yes to any of these questions you are a candidate for the Smart Driver Course. It could extend your years of safe driving. It will make you a more capable driver.

Course instructor, resident Les Besser, in the first AARP Smart Driving Course held at LCG, made the material interesting by adding relevant anecdotes and interesting facts. We enjoyed ten-minute breaks each hour throughout the class session. Our pertinent questions were answered.

The course allows us to test ourselves to recognize what aids we can use to drive more safely and what practices and strategies we can use to increase our confidence. It gives the option of considering other available transportation options.

Research shows that 35% of all fatal crashes involve older drivers at intersections. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your passengers to take this informative and instructive course?

The eight-hour class is held in two four-hour sessions a week apart. Many insurance companies give a small discount for taking the class. The September class is full but there will be another class in October.

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