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Our Drivers

If you have had to stop driving for any reason, not to worry. At La Costa Glen, the Transportation Department will take you shopping in buses and to see your doctors in comfortable cars five days a week 8-4pm. The Activities Department will squire you around campus in trams every day and evening and take you on local expeditions in the “Big Bus.”

The men and women who drive us are competent, friendly, and—very importantly—patient. If, for example, you accidentally left your wallet at the store, the bus driver delivers the other shoppers and goes back to the store—usually successfully—to find the lost item. Long-term riders have many such stories of our kindly drivers.

Drivers help residents on and off the trams and buses and in and out of cars as needed. They stow walkers on buses and trams and in car trunks. Considering how many pounds of grocery bags are carried on and off the buses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to say nothing of the weight of walkers carried on our vehicles, our drivers have to be in good shape – and they are.

Going to the doctor? Your driver is waiting. You get to your appointment on time and when you are ready to come home, the receptionist at the doctor’s office calls the number on the card your driver has given you. You are informed how long a wait you’ll have. Voila! There’s your driver and you are on your way back to La Costa Glen. Do you really miss driving the freeway?

We are fortunate to have such dependable transportation and it’s the drivers who make it so reliable. They are also considerate, cheerful, and fun to be around.

Drivers, we appreciate you!

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