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A Man with Caricature

CaricatureBy Patty Paulsen

One of the most popular attractions at LCG’s Annual 4th of July Extravaganza is Dave, a local caricature artist, who’s been a participant of our annual party for the past ten years. Though self-trained, he is brilliant at creating the essence of each subject quickly. He fulfilled a bucket list wish recently when he competed with other artists at a local convention and took fifth place in speed for his caricature portraits.

His family knew early that he had talent, and when caught drawing in third grade, his teacher asked who did the drawing. He said he had and was promptly punished for lying as no child could draw that well. The principal,
however, backed up young Dave and showed the teacher a file of his past artwork.

When asked why he enjoyed working with seniors, he replied that people’s faces are still forming until they reach 41. But seniors’ faces reflect who they’ve become. A portrait is “what is,” while a caricature is “what if.”

Working full time as a caricaturist, this popular artist works up to ten events a month and over 100 events each year. He has also contributed his talents to cartoon work, but caricature art is where his heart is. He’s delighted that he found his life’s work at an early age. And we’re delighted that he’s been such a wonderful part of our yearly celebrations.

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