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Resident’s Corner


By JoAnn Mullen Hordes of humanity streamed past dressed in red, white and blue as folks congregated in the streets. Band instruments were tuned as horses pranced nervously in the electric air. I sat enjoying my lunch with a front-row seat at an outdoor cafe next to a head-bobbing, beer-drinking, chain-smoking homeless guy as we… Read More »

Bombs Bursting in Air

By JoAnn Mullen (reprinted from July 2017) After a perfect summer afternoon with Fourth of July games, fun and caricatures at LCG’s Lakeside courtyard and a sumptuous barbecue buffet, our thoughts turn to fireworks. No proper 4th of July would be complete without them. Nighttime arrives and we long to see the magic in the… Read More »

Travel Club

By Pat Grant Would you like to see whales cavort in the Sea of Cortez? Or visit the Artic Bird Sanctuary in the Shetland Islands? Or how about taking a train ride down the Fraser River Gorge or a carriage ride to the Tavern on the Green? If adventures in travel interest you, you’ll find… Read More »

Safe Driver

By Les Besser More teenagers die in car crashes than seniors do, right? Wrong! You might be surprised, but in a crash, older drivers and passengers are more likely to be killed than younger people. Crash related deaths increase markedly after the age of 70. And it doesn’t get better with age. Statistics compiled by… Read More »

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