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Mickey Has Four Stars

By Les Besser

Mickey and Bud Kauderer are living proof that arranged marriages work. When his Aunt Minnie recommended the “wonderful senior Naval Academy Midshipman,” Mickey was reluctant, but she did agree to become his pen pal. After months of letters back and forth, she became more interested, and Christmas 1952, they met for dinner and theater in New York. What impressed her the most was that he spoke very highly of his parents.

Five dates later, at Bud’s graduation, he gave her a ring. They were married in 1954, just before he began his first ship assignment. For the next 35 years, Mickey lived the life of a military wife while Bud served on various Naval vessels and eventually reached the rank of a Vice Admiral.

During many of his assignments, Mickey had no contact with Bud for extended periods. The extremely close camaraderie she developed with other Navy wives helped her and their three children to survive such lonely stretches and to live well-balanced lives. She still maintains close relationships with many of those friends.

When asked to name her most stressful experience during their marriage, Mickey recalled the launching of a nuclear submarine. She had been chosen for the exceptionally high honor of christening the vessel with the traditional champagne bottle. A long-lived superstition predicts that if the bottle does not break, the ship will meet bad luck. Fortunately, her “Brooklyn Dodger baseball swing” succeeded, and the sub joined the US Navy without incident.

Bud and Mickey moved to LCG five years ago, where they have enjoyed friendships with residents who have interesting stories and backgrounds. She has served three years on the F&B Committee and is now part of the Hospitality and Proud Committees. He served on resident council for a three year term.

P.S. Their son-in-law and three of their grandsons are also Naval Academy graduates!

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