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Resident’s Corner

Wonderful June - that happy month of weddings, Father's Day and those delicious first days of summer! This month, we asked residents to tell us about their "wedding mishaps." Here are a few of the many submissions we received.


By Dave Dana It began on the van ride to the small New England town en route to the wedding. The van held five friends of the groom and several cases of beer. On the way, the beer drinkers, needing relief, opened the back of the van while passing through open fields—just as they turned… Read More »

Mickey Has Four Stars

By Les Besser Mickey and Bud Kauderer are living proof that arranged marriages work. When his Aunt Minnie recommended the “wonderful senior Naval Academy Midshipman,” Mickey was reluctant, but she did agree to become his pen pal. After months of letters back and forth, she became more interested, and Christmas 1952, they met for dinner… Read More »

In honor of Father's Day, one man's tribute to his father.

Dad’s Autobio

By Dan LeMay My father was a writer, and could have used his life as the basis for one of his Western novels. But sadly, the closest thing that he ever wrote to an autobio was the following piece, written early in his writing career, to introduce the first installment of his serial Old Father… Read More »

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