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Decisions, Decisions

By JoAnn Mullen

With a plethora of committees, athletic pursuits and interest groups, there is truly something of interest to everyone. Why not give the art classes a whirl? Learn to play dominoes, mahjong or Mexican Train. There’s the hobby shop if you are gifted with tools, the model train group if you like railroading and the new yacht club if you enjoy sailing model boats.

Think you are all alone in liking a certain hobby? Ask to put a notice in the mailroom and see if someone else would like to join you.

People are pleasantly surprised at all the variety there is in hobbies at La Costa Glen. There are informal groups like the roundtable where politics is spoken; knitting, where baby hats are knitted and donated; and all levels of cards from whist to gin rummy to bridge. There are groups that play Upwards and some that like Scrabble. If you like to write, why not contribute your expertise to The Glen Tidings now and then? Three types of dance classes are on-going— line dancing, tap and ballroom. Book clubs are available for inveterate readers and a food group if you enjoy discussing foods. Art, science and other kinds of lectures occur several times each week.

Only you can decide how you like your life—straight up or with fruit and a little umbrella.

The best place to find out what’s available is a stop at the activities office or the daily continental breakfast table.

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