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New Beginnings

By Carole Eibelheuser

Are New Year’s resolutions out of date, stale, hackneyed, and boring? How about “New Beginnings” that you can start anytime? Sounds good to me! Here are several to think about:

♦ Living The Golden Rule.

♦ Exploring the topic of Mindfulness and giving that a try. It focuses on living in the moment not the past or the future.

Meditation has been around for hundreds of years and people are seeing its benefit in this chaotic world. I bet there is an app for meditation. Guided meditation is the easiest way to start. Businesses have set aside meditation rooms for employees, believe it or not.

♦ Here’s a hard one if you are a “news-junkie.” Limit your news viewing to an hour a day. Do you really need that newspaper? We cut down to 4 days a week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Old habits die hard.

Accentuate the Positive.

♦ Keep a Gratitude List, add to it when you can and read it.

♦ If you have been the recipient of a random act of kindness, think of Paying it forward.

A New Beginning takes but a single step. Are you ready?

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