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Holiday Party Central

By Patty Paulsen

Any day is a busy day for the Food & Beverage Department and serving hundreds of meals to LCG residents each day is what they do so well. But there’s a whole lot of partying going on at La Costa Glen especially in December. Paula Morse recently let me peek into her busy schedule since she is the go-to person in charge of all things worth celebrating.

Holiday Season for 2017 may be a little calmer than 2016, when Hanukkah and Christmas arrived within 24 hours of each other. This year, in just the first few days of November, Paula already had more than 60 holiday events reserved. (One time, her experienced and efficient staff had nine different parties scheduled for one day.) Many of us think that it’s only the residents’ needs that are being catered to, but our Food & Beverage Department provides much needed services to Marketing, Scripps events, the Employee Christmas Party, etc. Let us not forget that many residents also host off-campus groups at LCG for special social events.

And if you think that New Year’s Eve dinner and party is the wrap up for the holidays, don’t forget the next day is New Year’s Day—with more partying to be had.

Hats off to Paula Morse and her excellent, supportive staff.

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