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Resident’s Corner

The Simple Life

By Pat Grant Recently my grandson came by for lunch. “How do you like La Costa Glen now you’ve been here awhile?” he asked. I replied, “I love my new home with its view of the nature preserve, and the pleasure of having people around—I’m very happy here and feel safe.” He thought about that…. Read More »

Exotic Animal Encounter

By JoAnn Mullen Armadillos, kookaburras, and alligators, oh my! Provided by a private animal shelter and new for our Fourth of July pleasure this year, we petted the critters, learned about their characteristics and heard their cries and calls. Fanny, the ferret, was albino and a carnivore. She was soft and inquisitive. Larry, the kookaburra,… Read More »

Lights, Camera, Action!

By Pat Grant Nothing to do? How to make life interesting and fun? Never fear. The resident Activities Committee is here. This committee, chaired by Barbara Kimball, makes life better as the residents meet with Michele Chaffee to consider the past, present, and future of LCG Activities. Activities cover a wide range of interests like… Read More »

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