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Arts and Entertainment in the PM


By Betty Cortus

At four o’clock on Monday afternoon a series of DVD lectures in the Brentwood Theater draws residents who revel in the twin pleasures of beauty and learning. The films range widely in subject matter, acquainting the audience with music from Mozart to Minstrel Shows, history from ancient times to the present day, and the visual arts throughout the ages.

Gloria Wolf, the original founder and organizer of the Activities Committee, envisioned these lectures as a good way to entertain and educate our residents back in 2003. As a canny shopper she watched for sales, and was able to purchase a number of these series inexpensively.

In time the viewing locale moved from Catalina Hall to the newly built Brentwood with its bigger screen and superior acoustics. The late Joyce Hinshaw, one of the show’s early devotees, not only volunteered to oversee the screening, but also to enrich LCG’s pool of educational DVDs by donating others from her own collection.

Helen Cancellier who began by aiding Joyce eventually took her place. Right up to the present day she continues to manage this whole activity, selecting series wisely suited to filmgoers’ tastes, and displaying them on the screen for enjoyment. Helen runs two series concurrently, each from a contrasting cultural field, and alternating them week by week. Lovers of the fine things of life can thank Helen, and the hard-working volunteers who pioneered the way, for providing our residents with this delightful way to beguile away an hour on Monday afternoons.

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