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Resident’s Corner

Memorable Lesson

Contributed By Mel Spira As a 92-year-old, I can recall when times were tough, especially in the early years of the Depression. I remember I could often see Veterans (WWI) standing on a street corner selling apples for five cents each…but with few takers. I can vividly recall an incident that must have happened when… Read More »

Recognize this guy? This Tom Turkey is the star of the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Best Thanksgiving Ever

By Pat Grant When I was growing up, Thanksgiving dinner not only meant gorgeous food, it also meant elegant décor—best china, silver, crystal. My own household, after I married and had children, was largely male, including the dog and the parakeet. The men were happy about turkey and dressing, but not really into fancy table… Read More »

Dakim Brain Fitness

By JoAnn Mullen We Dakim users are a dedicated bunch. While engaged in the program, we solve math problems, watch film clips or hear book passages then answer questions about them, memorize series of words or numbers and fit jigsaw puzzle pieces together. Often, we are treated to some great old music or a trip… Read More »

Kitchen Tours

By Dan LeMay LCG has two kitchens, and together they serve about 900 meals a day with more than two dozen different food items available for each meal and a new five-course menu every day. How this miracle is accomplished is explained in chef Judd’s monthly kitchen tours, and if you haven’t been on one,… Read More »

Button Adjustment

By Patty Paulsen As we get older, there are always adjustments to be made, and sometimes the thinking part of our brain does step back. Buttons are confusing. Ever stand at the elevator waiting and press the unlock button on your car key, and be surprised that it didn’t work? The television doesn’t seem to… Read More »

Unforgettable Teachers

September and school seem to go together. So our writers created a wonderful and diverse collection of memories of experiences with teachers. Doug Strole: Consummate Artist/Teacher By JoAnn Mullen A superior teacher demonstrates; a master teacher inspires. Doug was both. He began teaching here at La Costa Glen shortly after he moved into his home… Read More »

Seven Steps to Wisdom

Contributed by Mahendr S. Kochar, MD Wisdom has many definitions. It is a combination of intelligence, expertise, experience, empathy and good judgment. The wise use their wisdom for the betterment of themselves, their family, community and beyond. I suggest those interested in becoming wise earlier in life take the following steps: 1) Get education, find… Read More »

August Celebrations

By JoAnn Mullen Some folks say that August is the longest month of the year because there are no major holidays. I beg to differ. If you are looking for something to celebrate, look no farther than Saturday, August 5, when we celebrate National Mustard Day or Wiggle Your Toes Day on the 6th. S’mores… Read More »

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