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Resident’s Corner

Sports Night

By Dave Dana In 2007, 40 residents in the San Simeon Room welcomed Major League Baseball Umpire Mike Winters (the son of a resident). He told stories and answered questions about his career over pizza and hot dogs. This kicked off a series of “Sports Night” speakers, which soon was scheduled almost every month. The… Read More »

Granny Sez

My women friends wholeheartedly agree with me that a terrific meal satisfies and satiates. Great weather has us feeling carefree and relaxed. Flowers are a sight for the eyes and fresh laundry delights our nose. A wellperformed massage creates a sense of well-being. A small kindness, an unforgettable engagement or even a routine encounter can… Read More »

The Most Dangerous Predator

By Dave Dana What is the most dangerous predator? Take a guess: Lion? Wolf? Eagle? Hawk? Hyena? Velociraptor? None of the above. The most dangerous predator, worldwide, is the species known here as the “ordinary house cat.” We know they bring mice, rats, and lizards home, and keep barns free of rodents. Yes, the cat… Read More »

It's April - Time for April Fools' Day, Easter, Passover and taxes, of course. What a combination!

Don’t Be Fooled

Besides pranks and practical jokes, old wives’ tales about April Fools’ Day still abound. Consider yourself warned! • If a man marries on April Fools’ Day, he will be forever ruled by his wife. • If you are fooled by a pretty girl, you will be married to her. • The license to play tricks… Read More »

Lemon Drops

By JoAnn Mullen Our residents come from all walks of life. Blake and Drake, both former football players, were the largest residents here at LCG. They constantly tested one another as to their mental and physical strength. Drake brought a lemon to breakfast yesterday and, with residents looking on, both men took turns squeezing the… Read More »

Erin go Bragh!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here are a few of our favorite toasts.   May you always walk in sunshine, may you never want for more.   May nothing but pure happiness ever come through your door.   May your troubles be as few as your Godmother’s teeth.   May you live as long as you want and… Read More »

Welcome Terri DeBoever

By Pat Grant Terri DeBoever has come to LCG with enthusiasm and a sparkle in her eyes to take up her new job as Associate Executive Director: the number-two person in management—or it could be said, “David, when David’s not here.” Terri, born in Minnesota, came to California with her parents when she was five,… Read More »

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