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Resident’s Corner

Our Resident Council

By Pat Grant The Resident Council is our resident voice. Twelve hardworking residents meet monthly for sessions lasting three or four hours to consider how to make things better for those of us who live at La Costa Glen. Each council member reports meeting as liaison with Standing and Support Committees during the month. Standing… Read More »

Filling Station

By JoAnn Mullen A new LCG resident decided to try breakfast in the dining room for the first time. “I’d like three flat tires and a pair of headlights,” he said to his server. The flabbergasted server, not wanting to appear uninformed, hurried to the kitchen and told the cook what the man ordered. “Does… Read More »

Where in Hell…?

By JoAnn Mullen An LCG couple received their IRS refund and decided to keep the extra cash on hand for emergencies. He decided that it would be safe stashed inside his copy of Dante’s Inferno. His wife asked, “Why did you choose that particular book?” He answered, “That way I’ll know right where it is… Read More »


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we hope you enjoy these limericks by La Costa Glen residents. May the luck of the Irish be with you! A limerick packs laughs anatomical With rhymes that seem illogical But the good ones I’ve seen So seldom are clean And the clean ones so seldom are comical. There… Read More »

No More

By Dan LeMay How in the world did I ever get here? I learned to ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet. I learned to roller skate with Band Aids instead of knee pads. With my Gilbert Chemistry set, I learned to make stink bombs and a flash powder that could launch a bottle rocket… Read More »

Decisions, Decisions

By JoAnn Mullen With a plethora of committees, athletic pursuits and interest groups, there is truly something of interest to everyone. Why not give the art classes a whirl? Learn to play dominoes, mahjong or Mexican Train. There’s the hobby shop if you are gifted with tools, the model train group if you like railroading… Read More »

Wonderful Whiffenpoofs, “Hamilton” and Rapping for Seniors

Music is a big part of the La Costa Glen community. From the world-famous Yale University Whiffenpoofs to the biggest Broadway hit in years, LCG residents enjoy top quality musical entertainment on a regular basis. The Wonderful Whiffenpoofs The Whiffenpoofs came and enchanted us all. Those tuxedoed “Yalees” had us enthralled. Their singing was jazzy,… Read More »

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