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La Costa Glen Hosts “Rollin’ From the Heart” Skateboard Event

A Dozen Children Ranging in Age of Seven to 14-Years-Old Took to the Ramps
for La Costa Glen Intergenerational Event

A La Costa Glen resident learning about skateboarding from young Ayden, a skater participating in the Rollin’ From the Heart event at the Carlsbad senior living community on Tuesday, November 20.

Quarter pipes and ramps are something you’d never envision seeing on the campus of a senior living community. But this year, La Costa Glen brought out all of the tricks as they hosted a Skateboard Spectacular creating a new spin on intergenerational events.

The concept for the event was created by the La Costa Glen fitness director, Alison Brown. She and her husband John launched Rollin’ From the Heart after the loss of their son in 2012. The nonprofit organization was created in memory of their son, who was an avid skater.

“Ian loved skateboarding and it helped him with his OCD and anxiety,” Brown said. “He got a release through skateboarding.”

The group provides disadvantaged and at-risk youth the opportunity to participate in skateboarding, surfing and camping in an effort to promote a more active lifestyle and encourage positive choices.

Rollin’ From the Heart organizers Alison Brown and John Barry helped to organize the intergenerational event at La Costa Glen senior living community in Carlsbad where Alison works as the Fitness Director.

On Nov. 20, Rollin’ From the Heart shared their skills for a new audience of seniors. A dozen children ranging in in age of seven to 14-years-old took to the ramps doing kick flips, ollies and nose grinds for the audience.

“This was such a great opportunity to bring more young children onto our campus and have them interact with our residents,” said La Costa Glen Executive Director Keith Kasin. “Everyone enjoyed watching these young people and learning from them.”

La Costa Glen promotes intergenerational events like this skateboard demonstration throughout the year as they know the proven benefits that helps older adults nurture the growth of a younger generation.

A dozen children from the Rollin’ From the Heart organization attended the La Costa Glen event. Their ages ranged from seven to 14-years-old. The residents enjoyed watching the kids do kick flips, ollies and nose grinds.

“I received such great feedback from this event from the residents and the kids,” said Brown. “This was so much fun for everyone.”

Earlier this year, the group received a $30,000 donation from the show Returning the Favor with Mike Rowe. Read more about this intergenerational event and Rollin’ From the Heart in The Coast News.

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