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Life in the Bike Lane: Dr. Daniel Marks Staying Fit One Pedal at a Time

Dr. Daniel Marks Dr. Daniel Marks has experienced much of the world with pedals and two wheels under his feet. Three times a week, the 78-year-old jumps on one of his 20 bicycles and takes off from his home at La Costa Glen. With handlebars in hand, he enjoys riding the nearby trails and bike paths, often pedaling 40 miles a day at least three days a week.

Dr. Marks says his long-distance cycling keeps him feeling young, which researchers have found also helps prevent the immune system from declining and protects seniors against infections, among other health benefits.

“It’s important to keep active,” he said. “You don’t stop cycling because you’re old, you get old because you stop cycling.”

Picking up his hobby four decades ago, Dr. Marks says it’s a way to stay active and have fun with his family. Over the years, he’s collected a variety of bikes, including some with steel, aluminum, titanium or carbon fiber frames. He says each one has its purpose and he enjoys riding each of them from time to time.

Along with traveling the world for events like the Tour de France, he enjoys sharing his love for riding with other residents at La Costa Glen who pedal alongside him on trips. He also continues to train for a century ride, where he’ll pedal for 100 consecutive miles!

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