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Hanukkah Memories

Contributed by Grace Omens When I was growing up, the eight night celebration of Hanukkah was shared by all family generations, who tended to live close by each other. I always received Hanukkah gelt (money) from my parents and grandparents and I was THRILLED if I got a dollar! My children enjoyed receiving gelt each… Read More »


By JoAnn Mullen My family asks every year what I want for Christmas. Since I’ve outgrown the need for material tributes, here’s what I really want: A sweater of self-esteem so that I can feel a warm, loving feeling about myself at all times. An anti-procrastination afghan so that I may do things on time… Read More »

James Hoevertsz

By Pat Grant As Food and Beverage Director at La Costa Glen, James Hoevertsz has a very important management position making sure our kitchens and dining rooms are running smoothly. James drives daily from his home in Temecula. He is married and has a son in his second year at Oregon State. Majoring in hotel… Read More »

Northern Lights

By Les Besser Lists of the Natural Wonders of the World compete to name favorites, but every single list includes the Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis. The latter name comes from two ancient Greek gods: Aurora, the goddess of the dawn and Boreas, the god of the north wind. Ancient cultures thought the lights… Read More »

A Ton of Turkey

By JoAnn Mullen I ran into LCG’s cook who was unusually cheerful after his shift was over on Thanksgiving Day. “You must be exhausted after all the cooking today,” I remarked. “I’ve lifted a ton of turkey from the ovens and mashed a thousand potatoes,” he replied. “How do you stay so goodnatured?” I asked…. Read More »

Fall Colors

By Dave Dana “The second week in October is the best!” my mother always said. Actually, beginning about two weeks earlier in Vermont and New Hampshire, the trees in New England begin to change. The days shorten, the temperatures cool, the sunlight softens, and October comes into bloom. The thick, green hillside covers of maple,… Read More »


By JoAnn Mullen The time of year when we stop not exercising outdoors and start not exercising indoors. A season for big decisions like whether or not it’s too late for spring cleaning. That time of year when if it got dark any earlier we wouldn’t have to get up at all. When we gain… Read More »