La Costa Glen at Carlsbad
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Resident Stories

Between dinner parties, movie nights and line dancing, Dave and Marian Aylmer keep a full schedule at La Costa Glen.

Rather than wait for health issues to require a move from their home, Bill and Charis Julian made the decision to move to La Costa Glen as an active and healthy couple who want the most from their retirement. And they've been enjoying the benefits ever since.

"Here, we enjoy worry-free, resort-style living," says Charis. "Plus, this was a gift to our children, who now will never have to look out for or actively take care of us."

From the moment they moved in four years ago, the Julians have enjoyed life in brand-new ways — including programs to welcome and integrate new residents, and more than 250 opportunities to stay involved every month through on-site activities, clubs and excursions.

"The amenities, services and dining are definitely five-star, as you'll see if you explore this website further," says Bill. "And we do not have to worry about the financial health of our community, either — La Costa Glen has no construction loans or outstanding bond obligations."

While it's difficult for the Julians to choose what they love most about their community, they especially enjoy the perfect location of La Costa Glen — less than 3 miles from the ocean and only 40 minutes from all the cultural and sporting events of San Diego, with arguably the best weather in the country.

"Truly, this is the finest destination retirement community in the country," says Charis. "We moved here from Florida, and have never looked back."

With so many reasons to love life even more at La Costa Glen, don't wait to experience our community for yourself. Click here to learn more, or call us at 1-800-852-4384 to schedule a personal tour.

Larry and Nancy Muschek like to cite "time" as the single-most valuable contribution La Costa Glen has made to their retirement lifestyle. "For us, the real value of living here is the time we've gained in our lives," Larry says. "La Costa Glen has taken us out from under 'maintenance time' and the burdens of keeping a house. We're very busy people and every minute is valuable to us. Living here lets us have that time — for our volunteer projects, to travel and to be with our children. Our life here is free!"

What do Larry and Nancy do with their newfound freedom? "One of our biggest challenges is finding time to do all we want to do here," says Nancy. Larry enjoys Tai Chi and works out in the fitness center three times a week, while Nancy does water aerobics and even finds time to teach a class or two. Larry is very tech-savvy and spends a good portion of each day on the computer. And Nancy belongs to several knitting groups, who produce beautiful items to raise money for charities. She also meets regularly with a La Costa Glen quilting group.

Larry claims that being "unburdened" gives them more time to devote to concerns of the outside world. "If you want to be free to serve," he says, "move to La Costa Glen." Through their church, Solana Beach Presbyterian, Larry heads up the Fire Storm Relief Committee. His group provides relief for all the fires, but, in particularly, for two vulnerable communities in the higher elevations of the southern San Bernardino Mountains. The group builds sheds, digs ditches, plants trees and performs other light construction work, as necessary.

The Muscheks have been involved for four years now with the Come Build Hope project. This coming Memorial Day weekend, Nancy, Larry and 400 others will be off to Mexico to build 22-24 homes for the needy in three days. Larry is in charge of all the foremen and receives help each year from La Costa Glen residents who assemble the detailed Foreman's Manuals for the volunteers. The Muscheks also tutor at Casa De Amistad House of Friendship in an after-school program for Spanish-speaking children. Larry is President of the Board and Nancy has worked with the program for 11 years.

Time, Valuable Time! Larry and Nancy Muschek know what they've found at La Costa Glen and it makes their lives richer. We'd like to show you how time can become one of your most valuable assets with a move to La Costa Glen. Click here to learn more or call us at (800) 852-4384 for a personal tour.

From the moment Les and Betty Tenney learned about La Costa Glen, they knew the community fulfilled two criteria they valued most in retirement — to live independently and to stay together, should one of them need long-term care. In fact, Les has been so totally convinced their move to La Costa Glen was the right one, he now speaks to groups on "Finding What You Value Most in Retirement Living."

The Tenneys decided to move to La Costa Glen "while we were still active and could make the choice ourselves," says Les. That took place in 2003 and, since then, the value of their decision has been validated more than once. Most recently, Betty had back surgery and spent ten days at GlenBrook, La Costa Glen's skilled nursing community. Her stay there certainly did not mean she and Les were apart. He moved in with his card table and computer, and spent the greater portion of each day by her side, yet still close to their home right on the same campus.

"The attentive care I received at GlenBrook was so wonderful," says Betty. "They brought me anything I wanted from a great menu filled with excellent selection — even tea and cookies at 5:00 a.m. when I couldn't sleep. And, when I got ready to go home, therapy professionals visited our home first to check for safety and mobility concerns." Betty is recuperating nicely this spring, gradually getting back to all the community activities she enjoys most.

Staying active is also valuable to Les and Betty. When they first moved to La Costa Glen, they jumped right in to as many activities as they had time for. Along with about 50 other residents, they organized and produced La Costa Glen's inaugural Variety Show. The Tenneys both enjoy playing bridge several times per week. Betty has served on the community's activity, excursion and hospitality committees. She enjoys exercise classes and water aerobics, while Les stays active playing tennis. Both Les and Betty cherish dinnertime at La Costa Glen. "It's a very social time," says Betty, "and the meals are wonderful with lots of choice.

The "Care Packages from Home" volunteer program, started by the Tenneys with other La Costa Glen volunteers, is dear to their hearts. The program has sent more that 2,800 boxes filled with "favorite things" to soldiers serving overseas. Betty spends 3-4 hours every week preparing care packages and Les devotes his time researching, ordering goods online and controlling inventory.

Les and Betty Tenney are enjoying their independence. They are just two of the many residents who have discovered the true value of the La Costa Glen lifestyle. Give us the opportunity to show you that value firsthand. Click here to learn more or call us at (800) 852-4384 for a personal tour.

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